Best Daily 100 Rupees Earning Apps in India 2023

In India, there are mobile apps that let you earn money every day. Many people use these apps to make extra cash or boost their income. Daily 100 rupees earning apps for Earning simple tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, or downloading apps, and in return, they reward you with cash or gift cards. Some popular apps for these tasks are Swagbucks, Google Opinion Rewards, and TaskBucks.

Cashback apps are also popular, where you get money back when you make purchases through their platforms. CashKaro and GoPaisa are examples of such apps. Gaming apps like Dream11 and MPL offer entertaining games and contests where you can win cash prizes. These apps provide a fun way to play games and compete with others, with this app chance to earn daily 100 rupees earning rewards for your skills and strategy.

Moreover, some apps have referral programs that reward you when you invite others to join. Cred and Meesho are examples of apps with referral programs. Lastly, if you have teaching skills, you can become an online tutor and earn money. These apps provide various ways to daily 100 rupees earning apps, making it a convenient option for those looking to earn some extra money using their smartphones.

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Best Daily 100 Rupees Earning Apps

Fantasy AppDownload LinkReferral Code
1. Vision11Download AppSUVAM
2. UpstoxDownload AppSUVAM
3. GamezyDownload AppSUVAM
4. GrowwDownload App
5. CredDownload App
6. Dream 11Download AppJITEN3792CD
7. MPLDownload AppNDK6V35L
8. MyCircle 11Download AppKINGMDIH
9. RummyCultureDownload App0FOANZ
10. Skill AcademyDownload AppAMPZBG
11. Google Opinion RewardsDownload App
12. SwagbucksDownload App
13. TaskBucksDownload App
14. CashkaroDownload App
15. Go PaisaDownload App

1. Vision11

In the last few years multiple fantasy apps launched in India. however in my opinion Vision11 is one the best. This application is really easy to use. Also, the completion difficulty and entry fee are also low. So you can easily earn money with vision11.

If you refer your Friends then you can earn up to 200 and a 10% commission from their contest for a lifetime. So even if you don’t play games you can even get side income from your friend’s gameplay.


Upstox is an online discount brokerage platform that allows users to trade in stocks, commodities, currencies, and other financial instruments on the stock market. It provides a user-friendly mobile app and web platform for seamless trading experiences. Upstox offers various features like real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and order execution capabilities.

The platform aims to provide cost-effective and efficient trading solutions for investors and traders. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and understand the risks associated with trading before using any trading platform. Also, You can earn money Invite friends to Upstox, and get ₹200 when they open an account.

3. Gamezy

Gamezy is a fantasy app where sports fans can play fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. You create your team and compete with others to win cash prizes. The app offers various contests with different entry fees and rewards. You can earn money by participating in free tournaments, referring friends, and getting a joining bonus of 12,000 Rupees. You only need 100 Rupees to withdraw your earnings, and they offer various withdrawal options like Paytm and Bank Transfer. It’s a fun and exciting way for sports lovers to test their skills and win real prizes.

4. Groww

Groww is an online investment platform in India that helps people invest their money in mutual funds, stocks, and other financial products. It’s easy to use, and even beginners can invest in it. You can track your investments and learn more about investing through their app and website. But remember, investing has risks, so it’s essential to be careful and understand the investments you make. Groww aims to make investing simple and accessible for everyone in India. By trading with this app, daily 100 rupees earn. Signup on Groww and receive a ₹100 bonus. Refer others to earn ₹100 per referral. Use the bonus to invest or transfer to your bank.

5. Cred

Cred app that makes managing credit cards easy. With Cred, you can pay bills, track rewards, and monitor your credit score effortlessly. It’s a user-friendly app that helps you stay on top of your finances, avoid late payments, and enjoy a stress-free financial life. Earn big rewards with Cred’s referral program. When you invite friends, you can get up to Rs. 1,500, and they’ll receive Rs. 250.

6. Dream 11

Dream11 is an online fantasy sports platform where you can create your fantasy team for various sports like cricket, football, basketball, and more. You earn money on Dream11 by participating in contests and leagues with your fantasy team. When your players perform well in real matches, you score points, and based on your team’s performance, you can win cash prizes. Additionally, Dream11 has a referral program where you can invite friends to join the platform using your unique referral code. When they sign up and play on Dream11, they earn rewards or cash bonuses of up to 1000 rupees.

7. MPL

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is an online gaming platform where you can play various mobile games and win real cash prizes. MPL offers a joining bonus of Rs 100 when you sign up on the platform. Additionally, they have a “Refer and Earn” program where you can invite friends to join MPL using your referral code, and for each successful referral, you can earn Rs 50. So, by inviting friends to join MPL, you not only get the joining bonus for yourself but also earn Rs 50 for each friend who signs up using your referral code. Use referral code NDK6V35L. Get ₹5 Real Cash and up to ₹50 Cashback on your first deposit.

8. MyCircle 11

My11 Circle is a genuine fantasy cricket app that lets you create your cricket dream team and compete with others to win real cash prizes. The app offers a variety of contests with different entry fees and prize pools, making it exciting for cricket enthusiasts. You can also earn up to 1500 as a bonus when you sign up. Referring friends can earn you 500 per friend. The app allows easy cashouts with a minimum payout of 100 Rupees through Paytm, bank transfer, or UPI. To earn 100 daily, you can participate in free cash tournaments and use the referral program to invite friends. It’s an engaging and rewarding platform for cricket lovers.

9. RummyCulture

RummyCulture is a real and safe app where you can play rummy games and win money. You can choose from different types of rummy games like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. The app is easy to use and has exciting gameplay. You can get bonuses and cashback offers, and there are tournaments with big prizes. You can also invite friends to earn more money. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 100 Rupees, and you can get the money through bank transfer or net banking. You can earn without investing by playing free games and participating in referral programs. Overall, RummyCulture is a fun way to play rummy and make money. Get ₹300 when you register to Play Rummy for Free.

10. Skill Academy

Skill Academy is an online learning platform with good ratings. You can take short courses to improve your skills. If you refer a friend using the code and they buy a mini skill course from Tesbook, you get ₹47 Paytm cashback. Skill Academy offers easy and affordable learning options for everyone. It’s user-friendly, so learning is fun and convenient. Join Skill Academy, learn new things, and invite friends to earn rewards while learning together.

11. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a cool app where you can earn rewards by answering short surveys. The app is made by Google, and it asks you questions about different things like products or travel. Once you finish a survey, you get credits for the Google Play Store. You can use these credits to buy apps, games, or digital stuff. It’s easy to use and a fun way to get rewards for just giving your opinion. So, if you have some free time, you can use Google Opinion Rewards to earn credits and enjoy more stuff on the Google Play Store. Imagine earning 100 rupees daily just for sharing your opinion. That’s right! Google Opinion Rewards makes it possible.

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12. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards program where users can earn points called “Swagbucks” by doing online activities like surveys, watching videos, and shopping. These points can be exchanged for gift cards, cash, or other rewards. It’s a simple and popular way to get benefits while doing everyday online tasks. You can join Swagbucks, complete activities, and earn 100 rupees every day simply by sharing your thoughts.

13. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is a mobile app and website that lets you earn rewards by doing tasks on your phone. You might need to try out apps, take surveys, or invite friends to join. Every task you complete earns you points or cash. You can use these rewards for mobile recharges, Paytm cash, or gift cards. TaskBucks is popular in India and offers an easy way for people to earn rewards using their smartphones. It’s a fun and simple way to get something back for the things you do on your phone.

14. Cashkaro

CashKaro is a website in India that gives you money back when you shop online. All you have to do is go through their website before buying from popular retailers. When you shop this way, CashKaro earns a commission, and they share part of it with you as cashback. You can also find coupons and deals on their site to save money while shopping. It’s a popular platform to earn some extra cash while shopping online, making it a smart way to save money on your purchases. You can earn more money, invite friends & earn a flat 10% of their Cashback amount every time they shop.

15. Go Paisa

GoPaisa is another popular cashback and coupon website in India. It works similarly to CashKaro, where users can earn cashback on their online purchases by going through the GoPaisa website before buying from partner retailers. When you shop through GoPaisa, they earn a commission from the retailer, and they share a part of that commission with you as cashback. The website also provides various coupons and deals to help users save money while shopping online. GoPaisa is a well-known platform that offers a simple way to get some money back on your online purchases, making it a great option for savvy shoppers in India.

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FAQs: Daily ₹100 Earning Apps

1. What are the daily ₹100 earning apps?

Daily ₹100 earning apps are mobile applications that offer users the opportunity to earn ₹100 or more daily through various activities or tasks within the app.

2. How do these apps work?

These apps usually provide tasks such as completing surveys, watching ads, playing games, or referring friends. Users earn rewards, which may include ₹100, for completing these tasks.

3. How can I redeem the ₹100 earnings?

Each app has its redemption process. Usually, you can redeem earnings as cash, or vouchers, or use them for in-app purchases.

4. Can I rely on these apps for a stable income?

These apps generally offer a limited source of income and are not a substitute for a regular job or investment. Treat them as an extra income opportunity.

5. Is it worth the time and effort?

The earning potential and time invested can vary widely among apps. Assess if it aligns with your interests and priorities before using them.

Final Thoughts

We made a list of the best daily 100 rupees-earning apps in India for 2023. We only included apps that we tested and found trustworthy. These apps let you do tasks like surveys, watch ads, play games, or refer friends to earn daily 100 rupees or more every day. We care about your trust, so we only recommended apps we know are reliable. But remember, there might be other good apps out there too. Just be careful and do some research before using them to make sure you have a safe and rewarding experience.

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