10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India 2022

Are you looking for the best toothpaste brands in India? Well, then you are at the right place in this article we are gonna share some of the best toothpaste brands with you.

When we talk daily necessary consumer goods, then the first thing that comes to our mind is toothpaste. Toothpaste plays a big part in this daily oral hygiene routine. The benefits of toothpaste are soo many, it keeps your teeth strong, gives protection to teeth from bacteria, and cavities, and also toothpaste removes bad odors, and plaques. Toothpaste comes in a wide range of varieties from the houses of Colgate, Dabur, Pepsodent, Sensodyne, and Himalaya. These companies are well known for their top-notched products.

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Best Toothpaste Brands in India

In India, you will find more than 20 toothpaste brands. but to help you out in your search for the best toothpaste brands Here are some of the leading toothpaste brands in India.

Toothpaste BrandsBest Selling ProductMRPQuantityOther products
1. ColgateColgate Strong Teeth₹56100gColgate Charcoal Clean

Colgate Swarna Vedshakti

Colgate Visible White
2. Pepsodent Pepsodent Germicheck ₹47 100g Pepsodent Germi Check

Pepsodent Gum Care

Pepsodent 2 in 1 Toothpaste
3. DaburDabur Red Paste ₹58 100g DABUR Meswak

Dabur Dant Rakshak

DABUR Red Gingivitis Prevention Gel
4. HimalayaHimalaya Complete Care Toothpaste ₹50 100g Himalaya Herbals Sparkling Whitening

Himalaya Herbals Stain Removal Toothpaste

Himalaya HiOra-K Toothpaste
5. SensodyneSensodyne Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste ₹220 100g Sensodyne Rapid Relief Toothpaste

Sensodyne Herbal Multi Care Sensitive Toothpaste

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Sensitivity Toothpaste
6. Close UpCloseup Everfresh ₹90 150g Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Fire Freeze Gel Toothpaste

Closeup Ever Fresh Lemon Mint Gel Toothpaste
7. Oral-BOral B Pro Expert Deep Clean Toothpaste 100g
Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Whitening Toothpaste
8. PatanjaliPatanjali Dant Kanti ₹50 100g Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpaste-junior
9. MamaEarthMamaearth Natural Toothpaste ₹144 100g Mamaearth Fruit Punch Cavity Protection Toothpaste for Kids

Mamaearth Berry Blast Toothpaste
10. BiotiqueBiotique Clove and Tulsi Complete Care Deep Clean Toothpaste ₹96 100g

1. Colgate

Colgate is an American Consumer Product brand that makes daily uses consumer goods products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. Colgate was first introduced in India in 1937 and talking about today it has become a synonym for a toothpaste for most Indians. Today Colgate is the best toothpaste brand in India and it’s used and loved by almost every house in India.

Colgate strong teeth toothpaste

One of the best-selling toothpaste from Colgate is its strong teeth toothpaste which the company advertises as the best toothpaste to keep your teeth strong because of the unique Amino Shakti formula which is used in this toothpaste. Not only strong teeth, but Colgate also offers toothpaste-like Colgate Charcoal Clean, Colgate Swarna Vedshakti, Colgate Visible White, and for sensitive teeth, Colgate has Colgate Sensitive.

About this Product

  • Gluten-Free
  • Gives fresh breath
  • Removes plaques
  • Makes teeth whiter and stronger

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2. Pepsodent

Pepsodent is American which was acquired by Uniliver in 1942 and is still owned by Uniliver outside America and Canada. Pepsodent first popped up in the Indian market in the early 2000s. It gives the toothpaste market a big boom with its savvy marketing strategies.

Pepsodent Germicheck 8 Actions, Whole Mouth Toothpaste

The Pepsodent GermiCheck is one of the best toothpaste in this company offers. This toothpaste mixes herbs like neem and clove with other ingredients like triclosan, zinc, and micro granule formula to provide stronger and whiter teeth.

This toothpaste also claims to remove stains plaque build-up and prevents cavity. Additionally, this toothpaste is claimed to eliminate bad odors and provide fresh breath for a whole day. Pepsodent has also launched other toothpaste which include Pepsodent Tooth Decay Prevention Gum Care Toothpaste, Pepsodent Germi Check Expert Protection Complete Toothpaste, Pepsodent 2in1 toothpaste.

About this Product

  • Gives fresh breath
  • Removes plaques
  • Makes teeth whiter and stronger
  • Helps fight cavity-causing germs even 12 hours after brushing.
  • Ensures a long-lasting fresh breath.

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3. Dabur

Dabur is an Indian brand known for its Ayurvedic products in which you will find daily usage-based products such as honey, Chyawanprash, and toothpaste. But Dabur is well known for its toothpaste. Dabur makes the best toothpaste without fluoride. Hence it is one most loved and used Ayurvedic toothpaste brands in India.

Dabur Red Paste

The Dabur Red is formulated with 13 traditional Indian ayurvedic mixtures such as laung, Tomar, Sunthi, and Pudina which claim to protect your teeth against 7 dental problems which include cavities, gingivitis, plaque, toothache, bad breath, yellow teeth, plus weak teeth, and gums. The Dabur red paste also comes in toothpowder although the toothpaste is one of the best-selling toothpaste from Dabur.

About this Product

  • Fights against 7 dental problems
  • It provides 35% betterment on the oral care hygiene index
  • 0% fluoride
  • Made with 13 Ayurvedic ingredients

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3. Himalaya

Himalaya is another Indian brand that delivers the best quality ayurvedic products. Himalaya is also a popular brand in India as they always pack chemical-free ayurvedic products.

Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste

The Himalaya complete car toothpaste is packed with Neem, Triphala, and Miswak. All of these ingredients make this one the best toothpaste for some who have tooth problems such as Gum bleeding, Cavities, and toothache. Also this toothpaste fight against plaque formation. The Antioxidant properties help in removing bad odors and give you fresh breath.

About this Product

  • Chemical-free toothpaste
  • Excellent for gum bleeding issue
  • Fights against plaque formation
  • Gives you a fresh breath

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5. Sensodyne

The Sensodyne brand name refers to toothpaste and mouthwash sold by GlaxoSmithKline. Sensodyne Is another biggest toothpaste brand in they generally make toothpaste for people who have sensitivity issues. Since 1961 Sensodyne is one of the most trusted toothpaste and has also been recommended by dentists. Sensodyne is one of the best toothpaste for sensitivity issues.

Sensodyne Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste

The unique formulation in Sensodyne Rapid relief toothpaste not only gives you protection against sensitivity but also fixes problems such as cavity protection, enamel protection, whitening, and fresh breath.

About this Product

  • Provides long-lasting protection from sensitivity
  • Provides rapid relief
  • Dentists recommend Sensodyne Toothpaste for sensitivity relief.

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6. Close Up

This toothpaste from Hindustan Uniliver was the first brand to introduce gel-based toothpaste, which led it to dominate the market. This Toothpaste first arrived in the Indian market in the early 2000s and with its red gel and mint crystal combination, this toothpaste brand quickly became the best toothpaste.

Closeup Everfresh+ Anti-Germ Gel Plaque Removal Toothpaste Red Hot

The close toothpaste is formulated to fight against bad breath, cavities, plaque, and bleeding gums. Also, this toothpaste is quite useful if you are facing teeth yellowing problems but for that Close also launched close-up diamond attraction toothpaste.

About this Product

  • Gives fresh breath
  • Removes plaque
  • Fights against cavity, gum bleeding issue
  • This mouthwash contains tea tree and eucalyptus extracts, which will give your mouth a feeling refreshed.

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7. Oral-B

Since the invention of the Hutson toothbrush in 1950, this American brand has been making dental products, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and mouthwashes.

Oral B Pro Expert Deep Clean Toothpaste

Oral-B offers a premium range of toothpaste in the market although they are mainly known for their toothbrushes. To prevent cavities and tooth decay, Oral-B uses a Stannous Fluoride Complex in their toothpaste means this will make your teeth stronger.

About this Product

  • Fights against cavity, gum bleeding issue
  • makes teeth stronger.

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8. Patanjali

The Patanjali Ayurved company was founded in 2006 by Baba Ramdev and Balkrishna in India. Patanjali makes many consumers goods such as noodles, hair oil, shampoo, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

Patanjali Dant Kanti Bad Breath Treatment Toothpaste

Patanjali Dant Kanti is an Ayurvedic toothpaste that comes packed in with traditional Indian Ayurvedic ingredients. This Ayurvedic toothpaste from Patanjali is highly effective in fighting tooth problems such as decay, yellowing teeth, cavities, pain, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Patanjali also offers kid’s toothpaste.

About this Product

  • Ayurvedic toothpaste
  • Fights against many dental issues.

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9. MamaEarth

Founded in 2016, the Mamaearth company is an Indian company based in Gurugram, Haryana, that provides a variety of natural baby care products, skin care products, hair care products, and more for everyone in the family. This quickly become popular with its opinion-based hair oil and hair shampoo.

MamaEarth delivers a premium range of natural products. MamaEarth has also created Ayurvedic toothpaste for kids older than 1 year. This toothpaste is excellent Ayurvedic formula that strengthens your teeth and gums while preventing plaque buildup and fighting bacteria that lead to bad breath and cavities. You can get this toothpaste in many flavors such as berry blast, orange, fruit punch, etc. This is currently one best toothpaste if you are looking for the best toothpaste for kids then you should give it a try.

About this Product

  • Can be used by a 1-year-old kid
  • SLS andfluoride-freee
  • Natural toothpaste
  • For newly forming teeth and gums, xylitol, aloe vera, and stevia are beneficial

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10. Biotique

The Biotique brand is the first in India to introduce fully organic cosmetics. This brand first pop up in the Indian market in 1992. Biotique uses organically pure, preservative-free ingredients in all of its products.

Biotique Clove and Tulsi Complete Care Deep Clean Toothpaste

The Biotique clove and tulsi is another best toothpaste that is 100% pure and natural. This Ayurvedic toothpaste is formulated with many natural ingredients such as Lavang Oil, Neem Bark, Tulsi Leaf, Akar Kara Root, and Tejovati Bark. This clove-rich cream toothpaste is a 100% pure and natural Ayurvedic treatment for your teeth.

  • It helps in whitening the teeth.
  • It gives a long-lasting fresh breath
  • Natural Toothpaste.
  • Makes teeth stronger.

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FAQs: Toothpaste Brands India

1. What is the main ingredient in Colgate charcoal clean toothpaste?

Colgate charcoal clean toothpaste contains Bamboo Charcoal and Wintermint Green.

2. Which toothpaste is best for whitening teeth?

Colgate visible whit is one of the best toothpaste you could try for whitening teeth your teeth.

3. Does brushing your teeth 3 times a day make them whiter?

As recommended by dentists, brushing twice a day is essential in preventing cavities and tooth decay but Brushing your teeth is meant to remove damaging bacteria and plaque, not to whiten them.

4. Can yellow teeth get white again?

Yellowing teeth can be whitened with some whitening toothpaste but if you need faster results then you will need to bleach the teeth. However, this process requires a visit to your dentist.

5. Toothpaste brands Market share in India?’

Here are some of the best toothpaste brands according to their market share in India
Hindustan Unilever Limited-17%
Patanjali -11%


In this list, I have compiled some of the best toothpaste that you can find in India. All of this these best toothpaste help fix oral issues such as bleeding gums, bad breath, cavities and

Although before you purchase the best toothpaste you have to ensure for what purpose are you buying toothpaste. For example, if you have sensitivity issues, then you should go for Sensodyne toothpaste. and if you are keen on herbal or Natural toothpaste you should go for Himalaya, Patanjali, Dabur, etc.

I hope this helped you in your search for the best toothpaste brands in India. But if you still have any kind of doubts related to this post please comment down below.

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