Coal India Price History From 2010

Here in this post, you will learn about Coal India Price History From 2010. Coal India’s share was listed in the Indian stock market in 2010. The Price band of this share was Price Band ₹225 to ₹245 per share. Coal India hasn’t announced any stock bonus or split ever since its IPO.

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Coal India Price History From 2010

YearPriceYOY ChangeHigh/Low
2010314.5357.6↑ ↓287.45
2011300.85-4.34%422.3↑ ↓288.95
2012355.0518.01%386↑ ↓301.2
2013290-18.32%372.1↑ ↓238.35
2014383.7532.32%423.85↑ ↓240.5
2015322.4-15.98%447.25↑ ↓300.75
2016300-6.94%349.85↑ ↓272.05
2017263-12.33%332.1↑ ↓234
2018240.75-8.46%316.55↑ ↓228.5
2019211.4-12.19%270.9↑ ↓177.8
2020135.5-35.90%214.5↑ ↓109.5
2021146.057.78%203.85↑ ↓123.45
2022225.1554.15%263.3↑ ↓147.1
2023375.9566.97%382.85↑ ↓207.7
2024479.8527.63%487.75↑ ↓368

What if you have invested 10000 in Coal India in 2010?

Coal India share price in 2010 was 314. If you invested ₹10000 at that time, you could get approximately 32 shares. The Current value of Coal India Shares is 479.85.

So if you have ₹10000 in MRF at that you could have made

32*479.85= 15355.2

In addition to this Coal India also has given a total of ₹244.25 per share which means you could have earned an additional

32*244.25= 7816

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FAQs: Coal India Share Price History

1. What was the share price of Coal India in 2000?

Coal India wasn’t listed in the stock market in 2000.

2. What was the share price of Coal India in 2010?

Coal India’s share price was 314 in 2010.

3. What was the Coal India IPO offer price?

Coal India IPO offer price was ₹225 to ₹245 per share.

4. Has Coal India given any stock split or bonus?

No, Coal India has not given any stock split or bonus.


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