How To Do Free Recharge – Apps For free Easy mobile top up

Hello friends, in this post you will know about the Free Recharge Tricks, how you can do it With Apps, and the ways you can do it, you should read this post well if you do this then you will know what is it and how easy and how difficult it is to do.

There are many applications in the ‘market, from which you can Easy Recharge your free, in some apps it will take you some time and in some apps, you will be able to do it easily

“Market – means online stores like play store, amazon app store or etc.”

Before going ahead let us know, What Is Free Recharge?

Where you do not need to pay money and your phone or data balance is recharged for free, it is called FREE RECHARGE

Which apps are easier to do?

There are millions of applications in the market, from which you can recharge yourself, that too for free. But keep in mind that the application you are using is downloaded from a good store because many applications can hack some of your important information from your phone to take advantage of it.

I am sharing here the list of some such applications, where you can earn a lot of free cash and from that, you can do your recharge as well as you can transfer paytm.

List of free recharge apps

Free Recharge Apps Know More
Freecharge app  

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Pocket Money App  

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Earn TalkTime App  

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CashBoss App  

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TaskBucks App  

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Ladoo App  

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True Balance App  

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1. Freecharge

freecharge app

It will be known by the name of this app Freecharge that all of you know that this app is for free recharge, but you can do this application in any other ways also Like – mobile, gas, electricity, landline, broadband bills, do mobile, DTH & metro card recharge.

2. Pocket Money

pocket money app

In this app, you can recharge offers by completing offers and you can also earn by sharing also. You can earn much free talk time for your mobile through this application,

3. Earn Talktime

earn talktime app

These applications are based on offers and tasks that you are earning by completing offers and tasks so that you can Do your recharge. App so simple you can try this app by clicking earn Talktime

4. Cashboss

cashBoss app

This app is based on offers and tasks where you get simple and easy tasks by completing which you can earn paytm cash. This app 2 options to redeem. Where you can withdraw your earning and you can do your recharge for free or you can use it anywhere.

5. Taskbuck

TaskBucks app

The name of this app looks like it will be related to the task, yes this application is based on Daily Tasks & Offers where you can earn money by completing the offer & tasks, in-app you can share and earn also

6. Ladoo

Ladoo app

In this app, you can shop and earn by doing an online shop, as well as in this app you can earn by completing offers and refer your friends & family and do free recharge or transfer your earning

7. True balance

True Balance app

You can do a lot of earning with this app, which you can recharge for free, this app has offers and tasks that you have to complete. This app can prove to be a very good app for bill payments UPI transfer and recharge also.

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You can recharge yourself with the list of apps given above, but you can also do a lot of earning using those apps, Because everyone recharges for either 1 month or for 3 months if you have recharged once, then why do you recharge again, So the time you have left, you can use these apps to extra earning at that time when you free.

“I tell you my small story, one day I had to call but I did not have balance and I had a wifi connection but how to call from it, so I download an app, used it 5-7 minutes and recharged my balance for free and call I Do”

I hope You all understood that how can you Free Recharge, now a question has also come in your mind that why this app gives us free recharge

Why Apps Give us Free Recharge?

In all the free recharge apps, you must have seen that offers and tasks, the other company and the 3rd party people give money to them to complete the task which you all earn by completing all of us. We get some money to complete and some of them keep the owners of the apps

If you do all these apps then you should also keep in mind that no company will give you direct money, so be careful if you see such an application that you do not have to do anything and you get money from it. And at the same time, we suggest you never fill your details nor share password without reading and collecting information in any app.

I hope you like our information and you must have learned a lot about “Free Recharge Tricks” and how to do your recharge for free.

We will continue to bring Tips & Tricks about similar Free Recharge Tricks, Airtel Free Recharge, and Free Paytm cash apps.

If you still have any problem in understanding or you have to ask something, then you can comment us below

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