Google pay On air offer listen any Google ads and get free Scratch Card


Google pay on Air offer Now Live For All Get Free Scratch Card By Just Watch / listen Any Google Ads

Previously google pay on air offer was active / available only in Kerala, but now it has become active for everyone, so now you can win a scratch card with the on air offer, in which you will get Rs 10-1000. Open your Google Pay app and open an on air offer and play an ad or listen to any Google Pay Ads running on TV. You can also play Google India YouTube playlist on other device and listen them.

google pay on air offer turn on mic

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How to Get scratch card Google pay on air offer

Download the google pay


1. First you have to update google pay latest version

2. After that open Gpay app

3. Now scroll down and click on – on air offer

google pay on air offer 1

4. And you can see 30s timer started

5. Now play a Google pay ads or When Google Pay ads come on TV listen them

6. When you successfully listen a ads you will get a scratch card

on air offer scratch card

How to scratch a google pay on air scratch card

If you want to scratch the winning scratch card of Google Pay on air offer, then you have to complete the task above the scratch card, only then you can scratch the card. Task means – sending money to your friends, or pay merchant, pay bills, recharge mobile.

google pay on air offer scratch card won

How many scratch cards can I get on air offer

You can earn a scratch card each time and a person maximum get only get 2 scratch cards

Google Pay On-Air Terms & Conditions:

  • To participate in a Google Pay audio offer in Kerala Launch, you must turn on your Location History in your Google account settings.
  • To participate in a Google Pay audio offer, you must agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  • You can earn one scratch card each time you tune in to a qualifying ad, up to a maximum of two scratch cards each worth ten Indian Rupees  (INR 10) to one thousand Indian Rupees (INR 1000) during the offer period.
  • To redeem this offer, you must record an eligible Google Pay ad on television or YouTube. The list of eligible Google Pay ads for this offer includes:
  • Any Google Pay ads running on television in India during the offer period
  • The ads currently live on this Google India YouTube playlist.
  • To identify the audio ad, we ask for permission to activate your microphone. Any generated recordings will be used only to identify your eligibility for this offer, and will be deleted immediately thereafter.
  •  Follow the steps below on how to capture an audio reward:
  • When you see a Google Pay ad running on television or YouTube (any ads on this Google India YouTube playlist), open the Google Pay app. On the home screen, tap the On-Air icon.
  • Allow Google Pay to access your microphone in order to listen to the ad.
  • The microphone only listens on this On-Air page, and the audio never leaves your device.
  • Bring your phone close to the audio and stay on the On-Air page for at least 20 seconds for the Google Pay app to obtain an accurate match.
  • If the app finds a positive match, you will earn a scratch card!
  • In the event that the audio cannot be identified by the Google Pay app, you can retry in an environment with less noise or increase the volume of the ad.
  • This offer will end on 2 December 2019 at 11.59 p.m. IST India Standard Time.
  • Each Google Pay customer can only use one set of Google Pay credentials, which includes but is not limited to a Google account, phone number and form of payment, to qualify for the offer. Any of these unique Google Pay credentials must not have been used to register another Google Pay account.
  • For each scratch card reward that you earn, you are eligible to earn up to Indian Rupees One Thousand (INR 1000).
  • You can earn a reward up to a total of nine thousand Indian Rupees (INR 9,000) per financial year (1 April to 31 March) across all Google Pay offers.


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