Google Pay Oven story Pizza Order and get Assured Rangoli stamp

Google pay oven story pizza and get assured rangoli stamp or flower stamp, For those who have not yet received ragoli & flower stamp in Google Pay, Google has released a new offer which will get the assured stamp. Just simple one order by Google pay to oven pizza and also get 50% off by using GPSTORY code

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google pay oven story pizza

How To Start Offer Google Pay Oven Story Pizza

  • First open Google pay app
  • Now go to Diwali stamp offer section by clicking diya icon
  • You can see a message oven pizza on the Ovenstory spot
  • Just click on that and select your choice pizza
  • Click add to cart now go to your cart
  • You can see apply coupon code
  • Use CODE GPSTORY And get 50 % discount

Use Code – GPSTORY

oven story pizza order google pay

  • After that down blow add your address and pay threw google pay

google pay oven pizza order


  • Now you will get assured google pay rangoli stamp

Proof of rangoli stamp 

google pay rangoli stamp proof

(Trick) Google pay oven pizza

Choose different delivery address Like village type or any rural aria where no service available and then place order after payment done, after 10-15 Minutes you will receive a call from oven story service, they will say that there is no service in your area, we are canceling your order, refund will be sent to you. (They will speak in hindi also)

Oven story pizza promo codes

  • EX50 – GET extra Cheese 50%
  • OSBOGO – buy 1 Get 1 free
  • PIZZA50 – Get 50% Off
  • OS300 – Get Rs. 300 Discount on Cheesy pack
  • OSP50 – 50 % OFF
  • PHOS50 – Discount minimum Rs. 100-150

Comment Your Doubts and also Share your Google pay Link for Rangoli and flower stamp make sure email confirmed

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