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Google play Download pending error fix easy Steps to fix Download pending error in google play

‘Google Play Download Pending’ when we download / update an application on the Google Play store, it shows Download Pending error. So today I will tell you In this Post how to fix it google play download pending

googple play download pending Easy fix

How To Fix Google play download pending Error

Follow These Simple Steps To fix Google play Store download pending

Before Fix Download pending Error Check the Following Requirements

  1. Must Have Active Internet Connection
  2. If you are using a VPN Application (Uninstall or disable it)
  3. Check Your Date & Time Is Correct

Steps To Fix Google Play Store Download Pending

setting option

1. Go to your Mobile Settings and then find Apps/Application (different name depends on your phone model)

manage apps setting

2. Now, Find Or search Google Play Store Select Google Play Store App from the list.

3. After Open Google Play Store page, you will get 2 or 3 buttons Like – Clear data, force stop, and uninstall update (It Depends your phone models)

google play store clear data

4. Tap Clear Data >> Clear All Data.

Note – Must check that after click On “Clear Data” all data will be reduced to 0. If not, then do it again

5. Now return to setting and search google play service and click on it turn off location

google play services

google play services turn off location

4. Now Go to play store and try to install/download app You will Your downloading gets started immediately

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Extra Fast Tip To Fix  Download Pending Error

This Tip for those users who have not understand or not have so much time to fix Google Play Download Pending error just do this simple quick step.

1. Go to play store and click on Install app

2. After click install you will see ‘Download pending’

3. Now just close play store and turn off your data and remove from recent tab

4. And now after few seconds just on your mobile DATA /WIFI

5. You will see downloading started instant

Sometimes quick step are not working so you can try before steps to fix Google play Download pending Problem, After Both steps you can also restart your device if steps are not working

Final Words

This Is Tested Trick to Fix play Download pending, I am sure 90% Of Peoples Find this trick working, If This Steps are Not Working Google play download pending problems, Please Comment Us down Blow Of the post, Thank you!

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