How To Get Disco Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Selfie Stamp Complete Cake

How to get Disco stamp in google pay

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[Easy] Trick To Get Disco stamp On Google Pay 2020

There are many ways in Google Pay to get stamps, but if you want a disco or selfie stamp, then I tell you some tricks that will get you easily, if you do not get it then you have come here on bktricks, then you will not go empty handed You can give your link below, we will send you a stamp as soon as more new ones come to us. 

[Verified Tip] How To get diso stamp in google pay

1 .Open google pay and scroll down and click on 2020 offer

2. Check you have any suggestion for disco if have so try to complete

google suggest selfie stamp google pay disco stamp get

3. Every day google pay has limited disco or selfie stamp and peoples collect these stamps as soon as the day starts that means if you are trying to get stamp in 8 Am to Night 11:59 Pm then You won’t get.

4. try to make a payment or do scan and on air offer task in the earlier morning.

5. Don’t Try may all task in same time

6. And now complete easy tasks on air ads and use 2020 scanner

2020 scanner image

If you not complete your first lair yet so you will complete easily by just doing these simple steps above

Get disco stamp

Very strongly recommend to you scan these 2020 image and get disco or Selfie stamp

2020 image scan

google pay 2020 image 2020 image google pay

Get Surprise disco stamp

If still not get so try to request and send if you have extra so you will get a surprise stamp in google pay by just sending to other extra stamps



Note :- don’t forget to comment your request link for Selfie and disco stamp


Disco Stamp 2020



How to get HNY Scratch card in google pay

HNY scratch card you have to complete your cake first lair and you will get a chance to win HNY scratch card once you complete a lair you will get a notification for claim reward after that click you will get a screen of reward

lair complete Reward google pay

there is 6 reward option and you have to choose any of these one so its your choice for choosing any reward you want and tap it and clam that’s it , 2 HNY scratch card in the list of reward 1 . get chance to win 10 to 101 assured or 2. Is get chance to win 4 Lakh

HNY scratch card google pay

Note : HNY scratch card Unlock on 3rd January 2020

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