ITC Bonus History

In this post, we will be discussing about ITC Bonus History Ever since its listing on the stock market.

ITC is one of the leading FMCG brands in India. It was incorporated in India in 1910. ITC launched its IPO in 1970 at a price of ₹3. The company announced its first bonus in 1978. Till now ITC has done a total of 8 share bonuses and 1 stock split.

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ITC Bonus History

YearShare Bonus Ratio

About ITC

ITC is a diversified conglomerate with businesses spanning Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Hotels, Paperboard, and Packaging, As well as Agribusiness and Information Technology. It is also one of the largest private-sector companies in India.

Although cigarettes are the company’s main product line, ITC has products in other categories as well, such as Aashirwad Atta, Bingo Chips, Fiama, Savlon, Vivel, Classmate Stationery, and Sunfeast Yippee.

ITC Fundamentals

ITC Fundamentals
Market Cap₹5,71,498Cr
Debt to Equity0
Dividend Yield3.37%
Book Value55.40
Face Value1

What if you have invested 10000 in ITC in 1970?

The issue price of the ITC IPO was ₹3. If you have invested ₹10000 in that time you could get approximately 10000/3= 3333 shares.

Till now ITC announced a total of 8 times share bonuses and one time stock split. Due to this, your 3333 shares could become 13,81,700 shares. Here’s how:

YearActionNo of Share
1970Initial Investment3333
19781:5 Stock Bonus3999
19801:5 Stock Bonus4798
19891:1 Stock Bonus9596
19913:5 Stock Bonus15,353
19941:1 Stock Bonus30,706
20051:2 Stock Bonus46,059
2005Stock Split Face Value to 14,60,590
20101:1 Stock Bonus9,21,180
20161:2 Stock Bonus13,81,700

As of 2023, ITC is trading at approximately 450. So if you have stayed invested in ITC from IPO time then your ₹10000 invested would become: 1381700*450= 621765000 (62.17 Cr) in 52 years.

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FAQs: ITC Bonus History

1. How many times did ITC give a bonus?

ITC has given a total 8-time stock bonus.

2. Did ITC give any Stock Splits?

Yes, ITC has only done a stock split once in 2005.

3. When was the first time ITC issued a share bonus?

Insofys issued a share bonus for the First time in 1978.

4. When did ITC last give a stock bonus?

ITC gave a 1:2 share bonus last in 2016.

5. Did ITC announce any Stock splits in recent times?

No, ITC didn’t announce any Stock splits in recent times.


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