Jeetoh App Play Quiz & Lucky Number To Win Free Paytm Cash

Jeetoh App is a quiz gaming app which you can earn free Paytm cash by Just Playing Quiz AND Choose Lucky Lumber Like Jeetoh Bumper and kismet ka Ticket or kamaal ka sawaal jeetoh app is free to play and easy to earn free paytm cash with jeetoh, app is available in both android / IOs Device.

jeetoh App Live

How to start Playing Jeetoh APP

  • First download the Jeeoh app


  • Now open and choose your language and click next
  • Register on the app using Phone Number
  • That’s is now you can start Earning in Jeetoh app

How to start Making Money In The app


The app is very easy and lite interface to play and understand the game, There are 3 ways to earn free paytm cash

1) Jeetoh Bumper

jeetoh app choose numbers

Bumper Is About game of numbers you have to choose 6 Different number and click next after that you have to choose 2 Lucky number, you can choose Numbers by clicking on quick random pick and By clicking on the hot number, you can select the numbers which are selected by the Other players. After that click next and watch videos or play mini games for confirm submit your Number tickets

Jeetoh Submit Tickets


2) Kistmat Ka Ticket

choose number wheel jeetoh app

In the game of Kistmat ka Ticket, you have to select 1 number in the game, in which there can be any number from 1 to 50, according to the rules of the game, select the number quickly and get the number quickly, you can select 5 number of tickets, if your Selected Numbers announced in the live show. You have won a lot of PayTM cash for free

Jeetoh Submit Tickets Confirm

3) Kamaal Ka sawaal

jeetoh App Games

Kamaal Ka Sawaal is a quiz event where you will get some questions on your screen during the live show, which you will have to answer by selecting from the option, if all the given answer is correct then you can win the bumper cash but if you lose and 1 answers is correct then don’t worry you will win a few amount of PayTM cash, your winning will be credit after the 10 Minutes live show ends.

jeetoh generate id for lucky tickes


How To Play Quiz Live

The live quiz daily starts at 7:30 pm. In the evening, the lucky numbers of your chosen numbers and tickets will also be announced and along with some 10 questions will be asked at the end of the live show, which will be answered by you from the option given on your screen. The more questions you answer correct, the more winning cash you get.

How To Withdraw in Jeetoh App

jeetoh app paytm cash

Right now, you have to wait a little bit to get in the application, now the app is currently closed with the withdrawal process, soon they are going to start it, so there is a chance that you can quickly install the app and increase your earnings. Are and as soon as withdraw is on, you will be able to easily withdraw your PayTM Cash

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