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Google pay flower stamp it’s easy to get but if you are trying to collect with just scanning so you couldn’t be get flower stamp you can only get jhumka and diya stamp by using Diwali scanner some of my friends and viewers concern about this topic and we found that if you do this step you can easily get flower stamp

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Proof Flower Stamp give

google pay flower stamp gift

Simple Trick / steps to get flower stamp

If you are trying to collect flower stamp by just using scanner so you can’t be lucky for get flower stamp, or flower stamp. Most of users who got flower stamp and flower by doing recharge or money transfer but few chance by scanner you can get flower just follow steps blow

Google pay flower stamp

Request for Flower stamp


1. Don’t use scanner in morning / day time

2. Use scanner after 7 Pm when time for diya lit at night time

(Everyone knows diya only can lighted in night time)

3. If you are using scanner in day/ morning time that means you are not following google terms

Special thanks for our visitors our team who send us stamps (love form us)

google pay stamp gift

Note :-

The Google pay stamp offer will End 11th of November 2019

How to collect flower stamp by other task

If you tried many times by scanning and you still want flower stamp so you can try to recharge and transfer money then you will get stamp. The other way if You have completed all the tasks, yet you are not getting Flower stamp so you can ask to your friends or comment blow

Request Comment for Flower stamp We have only 6 now so request fast as you can


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